Prepping for DC

So we’re headed back to Washington, DC this year for the Glenn Beck 8/28 Restoring Honor rally.  We went last year for the march on Washington, and it was amazing.  Totally down-played by the main-stream media.  There were people as far as you could see.  It was unbelievable, and I’m so glad we were able to be there.

This year was a little more difficult to put together, but we’ve got it worked out now.  Got a flight set up, and found a really reasonable priced hotel not too far from downtown (and any of you that have ever been to DC know that isn’t an easy task).  Got someone set up to watch the dogs so we don’t have to board them and the house isn’t empty, and the Bitty will be staying with my mom.  I think we’re ready to go.

I’m a little nervous about flying at 8 months pregnant, but the doc says there’s nothing to worry about, because the pregnancy is going well.  I refuse to have a DC-born baby.  This little guy will be born in Texas, just like the 5 generations before him.  Not that I have anything particularly against DC, but seriously, how ridiculous would that be trying to get a copy of his birth certificate if I needed it for something?

But I digress.  I’m starting to look forward to this trip.  Michael and I never had an actual honeymoon after we got married, because we were busy running our own business and never had the time or the extra money to take one.  Our weekend trip to DC last year was the first actual “vacation” we’ve taken in the 7 years we’ve been together.  Before that it had been 6 years since I had traveled outside the state of Texas.  That’s a crazy thing to think about, because before those years, I had traveled outside the state at least once a year pretty much since birth.

This year we’ll be taking a long weekend, flying on Friday morning (the flight is soooo early!) so we can make the most of the short amount of time we can spend away from everything in our real lives.  We may attend a FreedomWorks rally on Friday evening, but that isn’t set in stone yet.  Then the Beck rally is on Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial, and there’s a Tea Party on Sunday morning.  Then we tour the Pentagon on Monday morning, and fly home Monday afternoon.  Should be a great trip.

I’m not feeling particularly strong about anything at the moment, so there’s not too much to blog about.  Plus, this ridiculous indigestion (so much fun being pregnant) is killing me, so it’s kind of all I can think about at the moment.  This little boy is determined to cause me as many minor issues as he can before he comes out.  Indigestion, fatigue, the constant (and I mean constant) movement…I feel like a character in an Alien movie.  It’s actually kind of creepy to watch your stomach move because there’s something inside you pushing to try to make more room.

That’s about all I have for today, dear reader.  I’ll probably try to post more this week, just because I usually find myself with something to say and no one to listen.  🙂  Hope your week is going well so far, and feel free to check in anytime.

Oh, almost forgot…anyone that hasn’t seen it yet should check out the following link…but be sure to have plenty of tissues on hand before hitting play.  It’s so heartwarming, and so touching, you’ll definitely want to share the video after you’ve seen it.

Jumping in feet first

Okay, so I finally decided to start a blog.  And I’m jumping into it feet first, no holds barred.  This blog won’t be specifically political, but there will be political posts from time to time; this is one of those times.

I routinely peruse Yahoo! articles in the morning, just checking on the recent world events, and I happened upon this story today:  It’s an article about how ICE has been able to deport almost 47,000 illegal immigrants thanks to a finger-print sharing program between local jails and Homeland Security known as Secure Communities.

The article itself was not terribly provocative, except for the fact that the individuals quoted in the story keep referring to the “non-criminals” that were deported, instead of the “worst of the worst” that this particular program is supposed to help find.  It’s like these people have forgotten that the reason all these immigrants have been deported is because they ARE criminals.  They are breaking a federal law by being in this country without proper immigration paperwork.  That’s a big deal.  Day Labor groups and illegal-sympathizers (aka liberals) want to use “softer” words to describe the problem our great nation currently has with illegal aliens infiltrating our borders.  That’s not going to work on those of us who live in the border states, though, and I hope the northerners continue to see the light on this major issue.

These people are not “day-laborers” or “undocumented immigrants”.  They are ILLEGAL ALIENS.  As in “law-breakers” and “criminal trespassers”.

Another thing that makes me crazy about this whole issue is that certain groups want to make sure that the “Constitutional rights” of the illegal aliens aren’t being violated!  Seriously?!  You have to actually BE an American to get any rights from our Constitution.  Why is that so hard to understand? 

Actually, the argument that upsets me the most about illegal immigration is when these groups compare the current situation with the people crossing our borders illegally to the influx of immigrants from Europe in the 1800’s.  Yes, most of my ancestors are of European descent.  So what?  They came to America to find better opportunities for their families, and they did it by the book.  They went through immigration offices…they changed their names to sound more American…they learned the language…they made certain that their children understood how important and amazing it was to be an American citizen.  My ancestors, along with millions of others just like them, became Americans.  They didn’t call themselves Irish-Americans, or German-Americans, or Norwegian-Americans.  They didn’t fly the flags of their home country outside their doors.  They assimilated into the culture of the country they put so much work into joining.  They became simply “Americans”, and were proud to do so.

I suppose I’ve rambled enough about this for one day.  Don’t think this conversation is over, though, not for a second.  As long as our current administration continues to do nothing to help with border security, and keeps pushing us towards another ridiculous “amnesty” bill, this will continue to be a hot topic, both on this blog and in the country.

Hope you enjoyed my first post on the new blog, dear readers.  Have a great day, and I’ll see you soon.